I love it! Although when I tried to add my https://lev.lc/now page the service responded “We didn't find a /now, /about, or /ideas page on your website. Add one and try again!” which is odd because I designed my site to be very semantic

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Feb 27·edited Feb 27

Cool concept & implementation guys! Motivates me to add a good `/now` and `/ideas` page to my site, as well as look for other interesting ideas.

Also, thanks for opening this up! I've now become aware of Typesense. And, it's interesting to see an LLM in use for date extraction. Were the suggested categories also synthesized with ChatGPT?

PS: I'm connecting this project to https://search.marginalia.nu, which has a similar motivation (expose the largely hidden but interesting web), but aboutideasnow has a clearer and more catchy scope.

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Thanks so much Thor! No, the suggested categories are just us making them up - we did think about using ChatGPT to try categorize but figured it wasn't necessary for now. Perhaps in a future version.

We were looking at Marginalia just yesterday before launching! It's very cool. Thanks for mentioning.

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